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Why Charles Manson Really Terrified America

In his later years Charles Manson was grey and frail, squat like a hobbit from hell, and still breaking prison rules. He had access to illegal cell phones, a supply of LSD, and when his girlfriend Star came to visit, he had an arrangement with the guards that allowed him to finger her pussy under the table…

From issue 2

The Customer is Not Always Bright

Like the great artists of past generations, I compromise my artistic integrity by whoring myself out for commissions from more powerful people in society. Renaissance painters’ clients were usually the clergy, and they were interfering bastards who rejected work for being too realistic or insufficiently…

From issue 2


Shamanic communism is the theory and practice of disalienation conjured up by ultra-left sex witches who organise themselves into affinity groups that are known collectively as the International Communist Coven (ICC). Communist sex witches believe that the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism will entail not…

From Issue 2

Supervert interviewed by A VOID

A few years ago my friend and I had arrived early to a fashion show at a small vintage shop, and I was telling him about this great book I was reading called Necrophilia Variations by an authorial entity known only as Supervert, who appears to be based in New York City and employed as a philosophy professor…

From Issue 1

Situationist Boxing

One of the ultimate scenesters and a personal hero of mine, Tom Vague started writing and publishing VAGUE magazine in 1979 as a "provincial punk" in Salisbury. Like me and my first press card, he used the photocopied fanzine as a ticket backstage to meet his favourite bands---for Tom that was Adam and the…

From Issue 1

The Big Other

A few years ago I was at some East London publishing fair when a scary-looking bloke in a Harrington jacket jumped out from behind a display board, handed me a glossy magazine and said, "Here you go, mate, try this," then walked off. The publication he gave me had the word "SHITLER" printed on the front cover…

From Issue 1