Music for the Poorly Educated special edition vinyl

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Special edition vinyl LP bundle with set of postcard lyrics only available from Morbid Books

Surrealist Temple Band are a spiritual-cult novelty act formed on the Insecure Men tour in 2018. The professional writer and struggling pornographer Lev Parker was on the road with the band as Saul Adamczewski’s stage announcer. Upon hearing his spooky poem, "Death," the band sent him out to recite it to The Shining soundtrack dressed as a priest. After their Halloween jaunt around the UK, the band invited the Satanic priest character that appeared onstage to record original music for Death and other poems from his collection, Poetry for the Poorly Educated (Morbid Books, 2017).

Released in association with legendary South London label Trashmouth Records in 2022, Music for the Poorly Educated sounds no more out of time than when it was first conceived and recorded. Both retro and futuristic, its sounds evoke vintage vinyl and science-fiction radio broadcasts while making new connections between music, film and avant-garde poetry. In more optimistic moods, the participants muse whether it was truly innovative, or even the first of its kind: a cult-leader spoken-word pop pastiche LP that is as catchy as it is meaningful.

Music by Aidan Clough and Marley Mackey. Words by Lev Parker except Side B, track 1 based on the book by Supervert. Side B, track 4 contains a sample of ‘Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape’ by John Ashbery. *Extra vocals by Saul Adamczewski. **Russian translation and seven-string guitar by Ilya Permyakov. Lapsteel by Bianca Wilson. Frankenstein hand on Side A, track 2 and drill on Side B, track 3 by Lev. Jungle noises on Side A, track 3 by Lev and Liam. Graphic design by Aloha Dead with thanks to Simon Isles. Photography by Karolina Grzelak.

Produced, engineered, mixed and censored by Liam D May at Trashmouth Studios.

Hail Satan!

Release: 25 November 2022