Fourth Industrial Revolution Pimp

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"Hysterical. The first great work of Covid literature." - Supervert


The tale you are about to read may strike you as horrible, reprehensible, perhaps even irresponsible. But like all good horror, its ghastliness does not appear purely to shock or frighten you, although that may well be the effect. It exists, like the great vampire novel Dracula, and perhaps the greatest horror story of them all, Frankenstein, as a warning to you. Set in the seaside towns around Margate on the south-east coast of England, the Fourth Industrial Revolution Pimp is a story about the most contemporary of concerns: namely – disease and identity. A fantastical tale based on some of the author’s own experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic that swept onto these shores in the year 2020, but mostly fictional, 4IRP warns you not only about how a society obsessed with health can in fact be sick. It shows you also how the most valuable and therefore dangerous commodity in existence is not money, but identity. Like money, identity can be used to empower a person. But it can also be misused, appropriated and stolen. How frightening would the world be if it did not recognise you or your identity? Would you, as Orwell warned, become a “non-person?” What lengths should a person go to in order to ensure that such a calamity does not befall them? That, dear reader, is for you to decide...

Owned and distributed at your own risk
60pp monochrome printed on 135gsm recycled, uncoated paper
Text and design copyright Lev Parker,
with thanks to Karina Bush for the scenario
Photographs copyright Valya Korabelnikova
All rights reserved
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