A Void Magazine - Issue 2

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Featuring an exclusive interview with the Tate Modern bomber, Alexander Art, complete with police transcripts.

Charles Manson's legacy as the man who terrified America is re-examined in a new true crime essay that blasts cold water on the "Helter Skelter" bullshit.

Stewart Home addresses your insecurities about radicalism and the avant-garde in "Ask a Shamanic Communist."

King Mob and the Situationist International's David and Stuart Wise trace their revolutionary consciousness in a personal essay/call to arms: "Welcome to Future Ecocide!"

Wilhelm Reich: time to reboot the orgone machine.

Simon Crump, author of My Elvis Blackout, defends his recent direct-action protests.

The Sick and the Damned: A Manifesto

George Russell, The Drum Sander

Collaborative Poetry Swing Club featuring Florence Lenaers/L. Parker, Dominic Jaeckle/The Literary Establishment, Jasmine Parker/Rosie Woodhouse, Carl Gercar/Stephanie Dotto, Edmund Davie/L. Parker, and S.J. Christmass!

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Release: 26 Jan 2018