100 Haikus about Penetration by Edmund Davie

This is our new collection of verse, there is the man who wrote it, and here is what we have to say about it:

100 Haikus about Penetration is the second in the series of haiku collections with bizarre themes from Morbid Books. In just three days, working between shifts as a poet for hire at the Hay festival, Edmund Davie turned in a response to 100 Haikus about Haemorrhoid Cream that is both piously traditional and deliriously experimental.

While the haemorrhoid cream haikus were unflinchingly explicit, Davie mentions every kind of penetration apart from the most obvious one. In stretching the concept so far he creates a mind-expanding experience for the reader, who is taken into the obscure corners of nature, the city, the mind, and Alan Yentob’s pyjamas.

It is almost as if, by making such bold statements within restricted forms, Davie and Morbid Books are making fun of the dry and humourless titles in the art and poetry aisles by deliberately and ostentatiously fighting with their hands tied. In releasing works that also appeal to people who do not usually buy poetry, Morbid Books is making a sincere attempt to escape obscurity and penetrate the mainstream.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Edmund Davie (born 1979) is a poet and novelist originally from Lancashire, who now lives and works as a Poet for Hire with Morbid Books in London. When he is not writing experimental verse, he makes electronic music under the moniker Ommm.



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