From the archive: SUPERVERT INTERVIEWED — A Void issue 1

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A few years ago my friend and I had arrived early to a fashion show at a small vintage shop, and I was telling him about this great book I was reading called Necrophilia Variations by an authorial entity known only as Supervert,[1] who appears to be based in New York City. His hilarious and often beautifully philosophical 2005 book is a “literary monograph on necrophilia, the erotic attraction to corpses and death.” It achieved an unusual amount of notoriety for a self-published literary monograph when the porn star Stoya was filmed reading it aloud, to quite mesmeric effect, while she was brought to orgasm with a vibrator, as part of the Hysterical Literature video series.

Ten minutes into my enthusiastic Necrophilia Variations review, the owner of the clothes shop, a woman in her late thirties who had been quietly peeling cucumber into the gin and tonics behind us, interrupted me and hissed: “Stop talking about necrophilia now. There are ladies about to arrive.”

Supervert, what would you have said in this situation?

Since it was a vintage shop, I might have complimented the owner on her ability to do business in a sort of sartorial necrophilia. The clothes she sells create an intimacy between the skin of a living person and those of a former owner who is absent or quite possibly dead. Come to think of it, the repulsion that some feel at the thought of wearing secondhand clothes or sleeping in used sheets is likely a weak form of the aversion people have for touching a dead body. Continue reading “From the archive: SUPERVERT INTERVIEWED — A Void issue 1”



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First appeared in A Void magazine

Shamanic communism is the theory and practice of disalienation conjured up by ultra-left sex witches who organise themselves into affinity groups that are known collectively as the International Communist Coven (ICC). Communist sex witches believe that the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism will entail not just the return at a higher level of the anti-economic forms of social organisation that characterised primitive communism, but also the modes of consciousness found in such societies, that is shamanic consciousness. The ongoing occult revival, particularly in its Wiccan and neo-Tantric forms, are indicative of the need to rediscover not just the disalienated social relationships found in classless societies but also the ways of comprehending the world that accompanied them.  That said, since we all reproduce our own alienation under capitalist anti-social relations, for now we have to “fake it till we make it”. This is one of the main attractions of disciplines such as witchcraft to communists; it clearly isn’t an ancient religious practice that survived underground through the Christian dark ages, but rather something invented in the mid-twentieth century and given a faked up provenance via the now utterly discredited ‘research’ of Margaret Murray. Continue reading “From A Void 2—ASK A SHAMANIC COMMUNIST—RADICAL LIFE ADVICE WITH STEWART HOME”