A VOID magazine issue 1, July 2017

A VOID cover

Civilians can order issue 1 here, retailers contact Central Books for wholesale

A VOID is our literary magazine and a vehicle for psychic terror.

It contains mind-bending poetry and satirical swipes at literary culture, as well as interviews with dissident artists we admire.

Since the magazine is an art form, none of the material in A VOID will be published online. It can be bought from our online shop and from selected retailers via our distributor, Central Books.

For more information or to contribute to A VOID magazine, email info@morbidbooks.net

Editor: L. Parker
Designer: Penny Metal




100 Haikus about Penetration by Edmund Davie

This is our new collection of verse, there is the man who wrote it, and here is what we have to say about it:

100 Haikus about Penetration is the second in the series of haiku collections with bizarre themes from Morbid Books. In just three days, working between shifts as a poet for hire at the Hay festival, Edmund Davie turned in a response to 100 Haikus about Haemorrhoid Cream that is both piously traditional and deliriously experimental. Continue reading “100 Haikus about Penetration by Edmund Davie”